The Saskatchewan Archery Association Inc. (SAA) is a not for profit organization  dedicated to supporting and promoting  the sport of archery in the province of Saskatchewan.

Our mission mirrors that of our partner, Archery Canada, in promoting and developing the timeless sport of archery in a safe and ethical manner by providing programs that empower all participants to enjoy themselves and achieve their personal goals.

We invite you to inquire about the sport of archery and experience the unique opportunities this sport has to offer. Contact us or visit the club directory to find a club near you. 
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2019 Indoor Provincial 3D Championship February 23, 2019
hosted by Battle River Achers
Pre-Registration "now online"

2019 Indoor JOP Championship - April 13, 2019
hosted by Timberland Bowbenders, Prince Albert
Pre-registration required by Club JOP coordinators

2019 Indoor Target Provincial Championship April 14, 2019
hosted by Timberland Bowbenders, Prince Albert
Pre-registration will begin March 1, 2019. 
Registration will close on April 10, 2019 at 12 Noon CST.

No Registration or Walk Ins will be accepted past this date.

Please watch for updates on the Timberland Bowbenders website:                                            www.timberlandbowbenders.ca/wordpress/

JOP Medal Design Contest!!  We recieved three submissions and they were all very lovely and well thought out. Thank you to everyone for participating. The design chosen for this years medal was sent in by Jessica Gegner from Frontier Bowmen, Regina. Congratulations!

ATTENTION CLUBS! Consider Hosting a Provincial  Championship
SAA is looking for clubs interested in hosting the Outdoor Target/Field and 3D Championship with preference of all three competitins on a weekend inJuly.
Send applications to the SAA Executive Director

Online Donations now accepted in support of the SAA Scholarship.  Whether it will be a one-time or recurring donation, and whether the gift is a tribute to someone else, your tax deductible gift to support Saskatchewan's youth archers in support of their post secondary education is very much appreciated.

Be an informed member....  The SAA publishes a member newsletter twice yearly.... visit the member newsletters. or let us answer your questions !!

RESPECT in SPORT - mandatory requirement for SAA coaches and volunteers. Take the time to get yours today !!



The following rules have been passed by the Archery Canada Rules Committee.

•The Hunter Class has been voted in as a championship class by the 3D Committee
(was previously was listed as a development class like Recurve).

•Known 50 Class was approved as a developmental class, below is a summary of the rules that will be added to the AC rules book.

•Archers will shoot from the Orange stake (50 yard maximum).

•Archers may use any type of bow or equipment so long as it is recognized by another approved Archery Canada 3D Division.

•Class is open to archers of all ages, Cadet and older.

•Marked distances will NOT be supplied to archers in paper form. Rangefinders shall be used by archers to determine the distances.

•As with unknown distance archer(s)/group, there will be no discussion of yardage by a Known Distance archer(s)/group at the shooting stake, or at any time until after the arrows have been recorded/scored at the target. There will be no discussion of yardage with archer(s) that have yet to shoot the target from either Known or Unknown divisions.

•Archers competing in a Known Distance category may NOT shoot in a group with archers from an Unknown Distance category at National Championships.

•At National Championships the Known Distance 50 Class will follow on the same course if room permits Unknown Max 50 yard distance categories. If there is not enough room on the same course then Known Distance archers will shoot on a course the Unknown 50 yard distance categories have previously shot (excluding the first course of the
NOTICE: Effective Immediatley, JOP will return to scoring the "outer 10". Please be sure to implement this in your club programs.

NOTICE: SAA affiliated clubs can now have their shoot posters on the shoot calendar at "NO CHARGE"  send your information to the SAA Executive Director
Saskatchewan's Archers are headed to Canada Winter Games on February 26th.

GOOD LUCK Team Sask. Join us in cheering them on !! Follow the Games here

Coach - Sherman Brown               Manager - Monai Wanner

Meet the Athletes

J'Lynn Mitchell         Jessica Gegner          Hunter Chipley         Jacob Bourassa