Saskatchewan has a history of being one of the top archery provinces in Canada.  The goal of the High Performance Program in to ensure this tradition continues and to give archers who wish to compete on an inter-provincial, national or international level some of the skills necessary to achieve that goal.. 

It is also a mechanism to identify candidates and to select a team to represent Saskatchewan at the Canada Winter Games. 

The program is not designed to replace Sask. Archery's JOP program, the SAA Target Team, or the SAA 3D Team.  It is intended to enhance the participants understanding of what is needed to compete at the “next level” whatever they deem that to be. 

General Criteria:

High Performance Program is open to all Sask. Archery Members aged 21and under in good standing provided they meet all the criteria listed below.
Although no minimum age is in effect, program members must compete at a minimum of cadet or age appropriate distances (whichever is greater) and vertical triple face 40cm targets for indoor season.
Minimum score requirements from ONE of the following categories (cadet or age appropriate, whichever is greater) has been achieved or is realistically able to be achieved in the next 12 months at a nationally registered event:

Click here for High Performance Eligibility and Registration Form

Click here for High Performance Policies & Procedures

SAA members who meet the eligibility requirements should complete the registration form scan and return via email to:

Coreen Scott - SAA Executive Director

OR mail to:  :
Coreen Scott
2533 Royal Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
S7J 0X6

as soon as possible and no later than  October 31st. A $100 fee will be collected at the first meeting.