The Junior Olympic Program (JOP) is designed to recognize young archers for their achievements and give encouragement for improvements. As awards are earned, each youth develops archery skills together with greater confidence and ability to perform in competition. Goals also include recognizing fair play, courtesy and good sportsmanship with the emphasis placed on safety and individual performance. Archers are encouraged to participate in the Provincial JOP Championships.

How the Program Works:

Individual clubs sponsor the Junior Olympic Program for their members.  Coaches are experienced volunteers from individual clubs. All participants must be members of the Saskatchewan Archery Association.  Archers must also be members or pay fees as required by their local archery club.  Each youth receives a JOP sash and SAA badge when they first join the program. SAA supplies the badges earned for each classifications as they are earned.

The program is open to youth aged 6 to 21 years (as of December 31 of current year). Youth must have their own bow and arrows, arm guard and finger protection.  Sights and/or releases are optional.  Individual clubs may choose to provide equipment at their discretion.

Beginner youth start shooting at 10 meters, progressing to 15 meters, then 18 meters as their score and skill levels increase.  Youth shoot an indoor round of 30 arrows on a 40cm face following Archery Canada Indoor Target Rules.  At the coach(s) discretion, older archers that have experience may start at 15m or 18m.  Once started no classifications may be skipped. 

At the present time we have chosen not to test general archery knowledge, however, safety rules must be a part of the program.  Coaches will also instruct shooters in the visual and sound signals of shooting.  Qualitative knowledge may be included at the coach’s discretion and experience.

Provincial JOP Championships
The SAA sponsors a provincial JOP championship competition in mid April.  Youth compete according to the next classification they are working for, regardless of age or equipment. For example if the archer has achieved the Master Yeoman badge they will compete against all other archers who have achieved this badge and are working towards the Master Bowman badge,

Local Club Requirements

1.  Club JOP coordinator who will:
  • submit a list of all JOP participants in the program including their     address, phone number, birth date, club, gender and SAA number.
  • If youth is a new SAA member, submit membership application to SAA Membership.
  • maintain records of scores shot on JOP nights.
  • submit scores to the SAA JOP coordinator when a participant has achieved his/her next level, including participant’s full name, score(s) and badge achieved.
   • distribute badges as they are earned

2.  Indoor Range with 10m, 15m and 18m distances.  Clubs supply butts, targets and scorecards.

3.  Coaches to instruct and supervise youth archers.

JOP Coordinators:

North Coordinator
Dawn Steeves                                                    306-934-9683
cell:  306-262-2010

North Clubs
Bad to the Bow Archery Club
Battle River Archers
Beaver River Archery Club
Bowbusters Archery Club
Lloyd & Area Archer
Saskatoon Straight Shooters
Spiritwood Spirited Arrows
Sturgis Archery Club
Timberland Bowbwnders
Viscount Archery Club

South Coordinator
Shelley Smith              
306-961-7435 (4 pm - 9 pm) 
South Clubs
Antler River Archers
Assinboine River Archery Club
Broken Arrow Archery Club
Estevan Archery Club
Frontier Bowman Archery Club
Full Qiver Archery Club
Melville Tru-Fiite Archery Club
Moose Creek Archers
Redvers Wildlife Archery Club
Swift Current Archery Club
Thunder Creek Archery Club
Wascana Archers