SAA memberships expire December 31st yearly.

It is important for Archery Club executive to ensure that their Club Renewals and their memberships have been renewed by the deadline in order to avoid interuption of eligibility to participate in Provincial championships.

SAA Bylaws Article 3.4 state that

Club Affiliation Membership shall be granted to any group of
archers who have formed an archery club with appropriate directors, officers and bylaws that conform in principle with the Bylaws of the Association provided that:

(a) The Club is in good standing and appropriate fees and dues have been paid; and

(b)  All of the members of the Club have also become Adult or Youth Members, as the case may be, of the SAA.

Did you know that without a current membership, you are not protected in case of an accident. Archery Canada liability insurance does not cover archers unless they hold a current membership with their provincial sports governing body.

Your membership renewals with payment must be in the possession of the membership coordinators in order to be considered as having a current membership. If it is in the mail you will not be considered as having a current membership, therefore the SAA recommends that you ensure your membership is renewed prior to the deadline. 

Membership forms are available at

Being a member of Saskatchewan Archery Association Inc. has its benefits;

SAA Members are eligible to: 
1. Compete at Provincial Championships

2. Compete to achieve Provincial Archery Record and Canadian Archery Records

3. Become a member of the Junior Olympic Program (JOP) in member clubs where there is a youth program (learn more here)

4.  Liability insurance coverage through Archery Canada in the case of an accident

5.  Receive funding to attend national and international competitions

6. Become a member of the High Performance Archery Team

7.  Preferred Hotel rates at select hotels in specified cities in Saskatchewan and Alberta


This toll-free service provides bilingual response to calls, texts or emails by expert staff who will guide you to the necessary resources pertaining to:
child and youth maltreatment
national/provincial child and youth protection laws, and
organization-specific risk management and dispute resolution models.

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