How to Shoot & Record a Provincial Record:

Step One:
You must participate in one of the following “registered” Provincial Championships that is presided over by a Provincial Judge.

Provincial Indoor 3D Championship
Provincial Indoor Target (FITA) Championship
Provincial Outdoor 3D Championship
Provincial Outdoor Target (FITA) Championship
Provincial Outdoor Field Championship

Step Two:
You must shoot a score that is higher than the previously set one, according to the records posted on the SAA website.

Step Three:
After you have finished tallying up the score get the judge to sign your completely filled out card in red pen (name, date, SAA number, hometown, and category)

Step Four:
Send a copy of the scorecard by email to either the SAA Judges Coordinator or the Executive Director  (See website for contact information)

This must be done within 120 days after the competition or the record will be voided.

The information will then be passed along to the SAA Records Keeper. .

If you have any questions regarding records, please contact the SAA Judges Coordinator. 

Good luck on your path to shooting a SASKATCHEWAN Record!

**All records must be shot while in possession of a valid SAA membership**

Records will be recorded and posted online within 60 days and again within 120 days of each competition.