Any SAA Member in good standing may become a member of the SASK TEAM to represent Saskatchewan at the Canadian National Archery Comeptitions.

Registration deadline is January 31st and team fees do apply.

An athlete joining the team can choose to compete at any of the National events.


Athletes must compete at the Cadet or higher level and attend the required competitions listed in the SAA policies in order to qualify for funding.  Funding levels are calculated based on scores recorded by the athletes at the eligible competitions.

Athlete Funding Policy
(see page 12 SAA Policies & Procedures)
(changes in effect Nov 3, 2018 , posted Nov 17th, 2018)

Athlete Funding Overview & Timeline

Athlete Funding Applications & Athlete Activity Report 
(Available on SAA Forms page)

NOTE: Athlete Activity Reports  are to be completed for each event you attend and submitted with your Athlete Funding applications.


Bevan Bailey - recurve
Jason Bleau - recurve
Jacob Bourassa - compound
Adam Boyle - compound
Tasjia Boyle - compound
Matthew Brown - compound
Hunter Chipley - recurve
Jacob Dickson - compound
Paige Dovell - compound
Reid Fehr - compound
Randall-Dre Friday - compound
Jessica Gegner - recurve
Harvey Giesbrecht - compound
Rylan Golanowski - recurve
Scott Gordon - recurve
Lonny Gray - compound
Travis Gryba - compound
Madison Hart - compound
Mark Pinili Javier - recurve
Gene Kessler - compound
Steve Keys - compound
Tawnie Kotyk  - compound
Greg Lavoie - compound
Makayla Lavoie - compound
Heather Leduc - recurve
Brian LeNouail - recurve
Thomas LeNouail - recurve
Mathias LeNouail - compound
Ross MacAngus - compound
J'lynn Mitchell - compound
Tyler Moore - recurve
Lacey Moore - compound
Tristan Moran - compound
Brock Nelson - compound
Dawson Oderkirk - recurve
Robert Parent - recurve
Keith Partridge - compound
Erin Partridge - compound
Lindsay Reakes - recurve
Damian Rohatyn - compound
Leo Saccary - compound
Jaye Scott - compound
Gil Segovia - compound
Terence Trendocher - recurve
Andrea Wiens - compound

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